Providing Education To Poor Children

We need your help to send many children in schools and to give them Education, so they can help our country and them selves to create a better future. There  are number of kids still in our country who don't go school. There govt. schools available which give free admission but their parents cannot even afford notebooks. A lot of kids don't go school because they work. They work because if they don't they have to sleep without food. This is the very big problem, so please lets sort it out just by sending a children to school. Its just 1200 for a kid for the whole year. Which includes his school lunch, books, notebooks, uniform and all other stationery.


You can either donate 500 or 1200 to send a kid to school by clicking the button below.

Total Needed Donation    :  1200 For One Kid Per Year


Total Needed Donation    :  50,000 Per Month

Providing Food To Poor Children


We need your help to provide food to many children, who don't have food to eat and they died because of under nutrition. According to BBC News There is enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough food, says the Enough Food for Everyone. "In every minute of every day, four children die of hunger,"


So please help us to beat this problem just by donating few bucks. Help us to reach at 20000 per month to give food to give food to 30 kids. Its a small amount in this big country please help us out.


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Total Needed Donation    :  20,000 Per Year


We need your support to give the support who supported us in our childhood old people who have no one in this world. In this program we need you help to give old people life which they deserve. We help them to live the last moments of their life happily. Please help us to give them all of these with love.


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